Headquarters for Digital Market Competition


[Sep 27, 2019] Establishment of Headquarters for Digital Market Competition(PDF:126KB)
[Oct 4, 2019] Five issues on Digital Market Competition Council(PDF:139KB)
[Dec 17, 2019] Approaches to a bill on improving transparency of transactions of digital platform operators(PDF:96KB)
Public Comments [Japanese]: https://search.e-gov.go.jp/servlet/Public?CLASSNAME=PCMMSTDETAIL&id=060112181&Mode=3
[Dec 17, 2019] Digital advertising market [Points to be considered further](PDF:148KB)
Public Comments [Japanese]: https://search.e-gov.go.jp/servlet/Public?CLASSNAME=PCMMSTDETAIL&id=060112182&Mode=3
[Feb 18, 2020] Summary of a Bill on Improving Transparency and Fairness of Specified Digital Platforms(PDF:166KB)
Relevant documents [Japanese]: https://www.meti.go.jp/press/2019/02/20200218001/20200218001.html
[Jun 16, 2020] Interim Report on the Evaluation of Competition in the Digital Advertising Market: Summary(PDF:358KB)
[Jun 16, 2020] Report on Medium-Term Vision on Competition in the Digital Market: Summary(PDF:200KB)
[Apr 5, 2021]
Trusted Web Whitepaper Ver1.0 Executive Summary
Trusted Web Whitepaper Ver1.0 Executive Summary(PDF:154KB)
Trusted Web Whitepaper Ver1.0 Overview(PDF:523KB)
[Apr 27, 2021] Evaluation of Competition in the Digital Advertising Market - Final Report : Summary(PDF:1,400KB)


・Japan Fair Trade Commission(JFTC)
-Guidelines Concerning Abuse of a Superior Bargaining Position:
-Guidelines Concerning Review of Business Combination:
・Personal Information Protection Commission (PPC)
-Act on the Protection of Personal Information “The Every-Three-Year Review" Outline of the System Reform: