“Cool Japan” Hotline

 “Cool Japan” generically refers to Japanese products, contents, and cultures that non-Japanese people feel cool. The Japanese Government is intending to learn what are cool to foreign people and disseminating them together to deepen exchange. This is the “Cool Japan”strategy of the Japanese Government.

  Cases of “Cool Japan”[PDF]

 With the “Cool Japan” Hotline, therefore, we invite opinions and proposals from all over the world for strengthening the effectiveness of the “Cool Japan” strategy.

 We welcome your opinions and proposals through the form below. For example, we are expecting introductions of things cool from the viewpoint of foreign people but unnoticed by Japanese people, proposals about the dissemination of “Cool Japan” dissemination (if any, specific proposals about how, what, and who), and any other opinions and proposals to the Japanese Government that may be helpful for the “Cool Japan” strategy. Here, we will appreciate your discretion in your comments in light of the “Cool Japan” policy of “No Slander or Libel.” Moreover, we will not specifically reply to each opinion or proposal received. We appreciate your cooperation.

 The “Cool Japan” Hotline aims to collect opinions and proposals from people as future references for the “Cool Japan” strategy. This has nothing to do with subsidies or other monetary supports to present or new projects. You are requested to understand in advance that we cannot pay remunerations for your opinions and proposals.

 For any question about the input method or other, send an email to the following:
 Email address: i.ip-contents@cao.go.jp

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Q1.What do you feel cool in Japan?
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Q2.Why do you feel the above cool?
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Q3.How do you think Japan can disseminate the cool things to the world?
(Enter a summary of not more than 1000 characters. If you have a specific idea about how, what, and who to disseminate, a specific description is requested.)
Q4.Please feel free to write opinions and requests to the Japanese Government about “Cool Japan.”
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<Important Notices>

  1. Submission rules
     Please use one form to submit one proposal. If you have several proposals, please submit them separately.

  2. Our actions
     We will review and carefully examine your proposals, and then ask relevant ministries to investigate your suggestions. We will release the results on our website. The exact location of releasing the result will be announced on this page at a later date. Please note that we will not separately reply to each proposal. We appreciate your cooperation.

  3. Compliance
     We will pay close attention to the handling of information including your name, phone number, and e-mail address based on the relevant laws.