AHWIN(Asia Health and Wellbeing initiative)・AfHWIN(Africa Health and Wellbeing initiative)
  Introduction of Initiatives

The Japanese government is promoting "AHWIN" and "AfHWIN" by comprehensively and systematically promoting measures related to research and development in the medical field and the creation of new industries in order to realize a healthy and long-lived society.

Asia Health and Wellbeing initiative 
We will contribute to the creation of a virtuous cycle from the improvement of the sustainability of medical and nursing care through the enhancement of a wide range of health care services, such as disease prevention, healthy eating, and hygienic urban development.
Africa Health and Wellbeing initiative 
We will contribute to the formation of a multifaceted development system that combines public sector support with autonomous private sector industrial activities, based on regional characteristics, such as basic infrastructure, improved understanding of public health, and nutrition education.
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